Patient Stories

As clinicians we are continually striving to learn from the experiences of every client. We encourage our clients to share their recovery stories – to consolidate their personal journeys but also to inspire others who may find some common ground.   


Simon experiences the difficulties of attending a court hearing with a severe communication impairment – “Simon’s Story- Brain Injury Australia Website 2011”
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The rehabilitation pathway after brain injury is long and gruelling – but at almost three years after his injury, Fouzi has found another long pathway – but this one is far more enjoyable!
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Ollie’s Story was one of two selected across the country to spearhead a campaign to review private therapy access. Ollie’s bravery and his willingness to help with our Wednesday Without Words poster campaign struck a chord with the selection committee so in 2012 Ollie’s story and his photo were sent off to the Senate. 
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David’s story is one of passion, drive and community involvement after experiencing a stroke. David’s advice is to “Just get out and do it!”
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Gary sustained a severe traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma for three months and in rehabilitation for three years, quite literally dragging himself from the brink of life and death. It is what happened after this that is truly remarkable.
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