Voice Disorders

The majority of our team have specific experience in assessment and management of voice disorders. We work with our ENT colleagues to treat a range of conditions:

  • Muscle Tension Dysphoniavoice picture
  • Vocal Fold Palsy
  • Vocal Nodules
  • Chronic Cough
  • Vocal hyperfunction  
  • Neurogenic voice disorders
  • The ageing voice

Our voice clients are often involved with professional voice use – singers, teachers and trainers. Our goal is to work with the voice rehabilitation team to rapidly restore and stabilise optimal voice quality to allow a guided return to occupational voice use.  We will work with you and your rehabilitation provider to achieve a successful outcome.   

Measurable Results

Our assessment includes objective measurement of voice quality and qualitative measurement of the impact of the voice disorder. With an intensive home and clinic program we aim to minimise the functional, physical and emotional consequences of the voice problem.

Industry Information

  • Voice Use In Call Centres – One in four call centre agents suffer voice problems because managers are failing to properly protect their health. Have a read here about findings from a recent study on the effects of voice-loss as well as recommendations for employers.   
  • Voice Care for Teachers – The Voice Care for Teachers DVD has been designed to provide teachers with the information they need to look after their voices and help prevent voice problems. Follow this link for more details.
  • Voice Apps – Follow the links here and here for some useful applications. The first one allows you to test how loud your work environment actually is, and the second is for teachers to measure the loudness in classrooms. 
  • Amplification – Find here the links for Cecilia Pemberton’s article on the ‘Role of Amplification’as well as a presentation on the Chattervox Voice Amplifier.

British Voice Association Resources

Helpful Resources from ENTNET.ORG