Corporate Communication

Many of our clients are seeking a return to work after illness or are wishing to enhance their communication skills to enable career progression. Our clients include business managers, telemarketers, lawyers and doctors – clear communication is integral to every vocational environment.

Our corporate sector clinicians are experienced in voice projection, accent modification and management of developmental articulatory or fluency issues that may have gone unnoticed in earlier life.

We will work with you to determine the best program for your particular needs. This can include workplace visits or after hours appointments. In many cases gains are apparent after just a few sessions. We also provide training sessions in the workplace to address the potential occupational health issues of professional voice users.

Medicolegal Assessments

Colleen, Director of Optimal SP, has been sought after for medicolegal assessments for more than 15 years. She prides herself on providing expert case review and evidence based recommendations. Her areas of special interest include adults and adolescents with acquired communication and swallowing disorders. 

staff training


Witness Intermediary

Speech Pathology is such a diverse and dynamic profession. Read here (LSJ, Issue 24, July 2016 pp. 50-52) about the work of Speech Pathologist and director of Optimal Speech Pathology Colleen Kerr who has joined the pilot for the Witness Intermediary scheme with the NSW Justice System. Challenging – but vital – work.