Parkinson’s Disease


Our mini story on National Nine News on Speak Out®  and LOUD Crowd® treatment!

Before and After Speak Out® treatment!


Our Speak Out!® and LOUD Crowd® team in action at OSP!!


What is Speak Out? – Speak Out and LOUD Crowd: New Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson Voice Project Media Release

Speak Out and Loud Crowd November 2018 – our new treatment technique addressing motor deficits associated with Parkinson’s 

Deep Brain Stimulation and Parkinson’s Disease – A presentation by Colleen Kerr

Speak Out!®  and LOUD Crowd®  – what is it?

Speak Out!®  and LOUD Crowd® lecture series –

About Parkinson’s Voice Project –


Phones and Parkinson’s Disease Newsletter 2016 – A short list of helpful PD friendly phones

Telepractice and Parkinson’s Disease – A quick read on the usefulness of telepractice in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

OSP Swallowing and Parkinson’s Disease – What you need to know in case your swallow begins to change with Parkinson’s.


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