Antonella Guido

Antonella has over 17 years experience working as a Speech Pathologist with adults with acquired brain injuries.  Since graduating from the University of Sydney in 2003, Antonella has worked extensively in both Australia and the United Kingdom.  She most recently worked as a Senior Speech Pathologist at Westmead Hospital within the community brain injury rehabilitation service and traumatic brain injury has been a strong area of interest for many years. Antonella has worked across the continuum of care – from acute hospitals to home-based, community roles and this breadth of experience has enabled a wholistic and client-centred view of the individual and their rehabilitation journey.   Antonella works closely with clients and their families and carers; she feels passionate about maximising communication and swallowing skills in an individual’s true environment.  Antonella’s therapy is underpinned by careful goal selection and recent best evidence.